Weldmesh Fence in Saudi Arabia

Matco Industry has made a reputation for itself in the market by providing customers with high-quality wire mesh fences. We offer our customers personalized services, so customers may ask our qualified staff to produce mesh in any size, color, form, or dimension. Delivering high-quality items that meet customer preferences is our primary goal. Despite the exceptional quality of our goods, we only charge very little from our customers.

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    What Exactly Is Weldmesh Fence?

    Weldmesh fencing is best installed around the area for security reasons. Steel wire is used in its construction, and each junction has a weld. Compared to chain link fencing wire, this fencing method offers several benefits. Because weldmesh is more durable than chain mesh, it is mostly utilized for security.

    Weldmesh Fence Anti-Climb Features

    The 76.2 mm by 12.7 mm dense mesh width makes it tough to climb and restricts the passage of fingers or toes.

    ANTI-CUT: The mesh spacing prevents the blade of the cutting tool from grasping the material, making it challenging to cut.

    ANTI-BREAK: Modern robotic spot welding techniques give the panel mesh tremendous strength, making it resistant to powerful blows or impacts.

    MODULAR AND ANTI-DISASSEMBLE: Specially created clamps and nuts guarantee modularity, avoiding the need for on-site welding or construction.

    LONGEVITY: Outstanding durability against corrosion is provided by eco-friendly power coating, increasing the panels’ lifespan by up to 10 years.

    CLEAR VISIBILITY: The fence is appropriate for locations where cameras are used for surveillance since its mesh dimension of 76.2 mm by 12.7 mm doesn’t hinder the view over the fence.

    Benefits of a Weldmesh Fence

    • Used for safety reasons in both the workplace and schools.
    • Made use of to prepare animal cages.
    • Encircles building sites to prevent unintended accidents.
    • It is designed to prevent burglars from entering the home.
    • Temporary fences for events and celebrity appearances may be installed quickly and easily for the public.

    In addition, Matco Industry can provide any type of assistance if somebody is seeking a best quality Chain link fence. We provide our clients with a variety of barrier fence options. We provide specialized service that meets client expectations while keeping in mind that every client has unique needs.






    Mesh Size


    Wire Diameter (mm) Coating
    Vertical Horizontal
    2100 2971 76.2 x 12.7 3 mm 3 mm PPC/TPC
    2400 2971 76.2 x 12.7 4 mm 4 mm PPC/TPC
    1800 2971 76.2 x 12.7 4 mm 4 mm PPC/TPC
    3000 2515 76.2 x 12.7 4 mm 4 mm PPC/TPC