Purlin Z And C in Saudi Arabia

The term “purlin” refers to a steel component that is fastened to the roofing or wall covering sheets of any construction. It is fastened primarily for safety reasons. To prepare roofing and side wall sheets or any additional material, Purlin Z and C are mixed to offer a solid solution.

C Purlins

In every nation, Matco Industry is one of the top producers and exporters of high-quality C PURLIN. The horizontal framework that supports the weight of the roof deck or sheeting is constructed using C purlins. They are additionally utilized for side rails, parapet rails, roof cutting, window pruning, and door carpentry.

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    Customer satisfaction is our company’s top priority. Our engineering team uses cutting-edge equipment to manage the production process of PURLIN in Saudi Arabia. There are several qualities that distinguish our product from others on the market. 

    Benefits of C-Purlins

    • The durability of steel goods
    • Quick to assemble and simple to manage.
    • The product’s versatility and sturdiness are excellent.
    • Excellent TMT roof.
    • Installation on steel or concrete structures is simple.
    • Purlins are ideal for straightforward construction since they are lightweight.
    • Appropriate for use as mezzanine supports for beams.

    Purlins Z

    Additionally, we provide a large selection of Z-PURLIN in Saudi Arabia on the market. Because they support the rafters, these Z purlins are employed to make towering roofs for buildings. We employ cutting-edge technology to deliver premium solutions to consumers in order to meet their demands. Some of its numerous characteristics are given below.

    Benefits of Z Purlins

    • Simplicity in welding for preparation.
    • It is recyclable.
    • Available in cold and hot rolling.
    • High strength at tensile.
    • Low maintenance fees apply.
    • It may be used as a water heater, a sunlight source, or an energy consumer.
    • Support for the roof.
    • Save up to 50% compared to using angles and channels the traditional way.

    We are the top exporter and manufacturer of steel and PURLIN in Saudi Arabia. We also provide cost-effective, high-quality aluminum coils in different countries. We offer specialized parameters, power, and straightness to meet each client’s needs.