Single Skin Profile Sheet in Saudi Arabia

Matco Industry is well-known in the market and has a wealth of industrial and commercial expertise. We are engaged in providing a huge selection of Single Skin Profile Sheets of the highest standard. We provide you with the highest-quality goods. Uses for this kind of metal sheeting include interior and exterior cladding for buildings and roofs. According to the specifications of the clients, our experts can create the sheet.

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    Benefits of Single Skin Profile Sheets

    • The sheets are thin and light.
    • Longer durability and strong tensile strength.
    • Metals enable a quick change, making implementation simple and quick.
    • The procedure may be carried out with fewer people.
    • The items’ modifications and extensions are simple to carry out whenever necessary.
    • Inexpensive and simple to install.
    • Available in a variety of forms and capable of taking on any shape.
    • Available in any length and various widths.

    A trapezoidal single-skin GI profile sheet uses

    Roofs are exposed to wind and climate 365 days a year; as such, they ought to be outlined to withstand a wide range of requests. After a long time of use, remodeling becomes fundamental. Single Skin Profile Sheet in Saudi Arabia offer a few preferences, from climate resistance to straightforward gathering to a long-benefit life.

    • Lightweight
    • Long lifetime
    • Weatherproof
    • Easy assembly

    The GI Profile Sheet comes in RAL 9002 off-white. A polyester-coated steel roof cladding sheet is accessible in a broad range of colors, where choice and style can be coordinated with natural and execution prerequisites. Both sorts of sheets highlight a light gray coating on the inverted side.


    With an amazing life, incredible climate resistance and  trapezoidal profile sheet in Saudi Arabia make metal rooftops that really withstand the test of time. The light weight of the trapezoidal sheet and a broad array of adornments rearrange roof reclamation impressively. Greenery arrangement and green growth invasion do not stand a chance against our profiled sheet metal. Persuading life span that comes with a trapezoidal sheet.

    A popular metal exporter and producer is Matco Industry. We are available to deliver to you as needed if you have increasing demands. Depending on the needs of the customer, we may alter the color and style of the sheet. Therefore, you may contact our company for any kind of fencing in the UAE & USA.