PPGI / Prepainted Galvanised Steel Coil in Saudi Arabia

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    How Are PPGI Coils and Steels Made?

    The principal method for creating PPGI is to repeatedly immerse galvanized steel in a hot-dip zinc solution. Metals are effectively protected from corrosion by this coating. The basic steel receives cathodic and barrier protection, which considerably slows the rate of corrosion. The items become more durable as a result of this. The product gains the fortitude necessary to contend with this hostile environment.

    Application of PPGI Coils or Steels Prepared

    Prepainted galvanized steel coil applications:

    • Building components include the roof, ventilation duct, handrail, partition panel, etc.
    • In the production of electric appliances like the microwave, washer, and refrigerator, among others.
    • Transport: a road sign, an oil tank, etc.
    • Farming: a barn; etc.
    • Others include gaming machines, vending machines, etc.

    How Are Our Projects Different from Others? 

    A galvanized coil in Saudi Arabia is a material that has been chemically treated (coated), then reheated and sealed by a hot-dipped galvanized metal sheet or an aluminum sheet. A hot-dip zinc-coated thin-film sheet of PPGI sheet is sometimes referred to as a pre-painted galvanized steel coil or a colored steel coil.

    The total thickness of the pre-painted zinc-plated steel coil includes the foundation steel, coating, priming, top paint, and a protective coating thickness. The top layer is 10–25 μm thick, while the back layer is 5–20 μm. The thinner the base steel thickness, the more expensive the PPGI steel coil price, as production costs rise.

    Polyester (PE) is ordinarily utilized as a layer or white-gray paint-coating fabric. The color may be altered for the color card or client tests of the RAL. It is valuable to make one-of-a-kind designs like wood grain, flower print, camouflage, and stone.

    Types of Coated Steel Coil

    Matt PPGI

    The matte PPGI coil incorporates a huge and slightly wrinkled PPGI. The paint coating thickness ranges from 20 μm to 45 μm, making it difficult to colorize longer-lasting materials.

    Steel sheet coil, pre-painted with brick designs.

    Brick designs are printed on galvanized steel sheets.

    Coated Coil with Marble Color
    A marble pattern is printed onto a galvanized sheet.
    Steel Coil with Camouflage Pattern
    Camouflage designs are printed on galvanized or aluminum sheets.
    Prepainted Steel Coil with Wood Texture
    Print natural wood grain designs on galvanized or aluzinc sheets.

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