MS / Mild Steel Pipe and Tube in Saudi Arabia

Why are RHS in Saudi Arabia and Mild Steel Pipe in Demand?

Matco Industry is a top manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of RHS in Saudi Arabia and mild steel pipe and tube. The company focuses on customer-supplied products. We manufacture high-quality products from standardized raw materials. Our team has years of expertise and uses modern technology to improve the productivity of the production with high quality.

RHS and SHS in Saudi Arabia are made of mild steel. They are famous as plain-carbon steel. It is the most inexpensive steel material used in various projects. Our products thrive in your business with the help of our service.

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    What is the Use of RHS in Saudi Arabia?

    As we all know, RHS in Saudi Arabia and other products like MS pipes do not have great strength, but they still make work go smoothly. The surface of the mild steel pipe may be enhanced for various uses.
    It is affordable and easy to shape into any structure.
    To produce steel tubes, 0.25 percent carbon is used. It contains less carbon but still has liquid that is used to create structures of different sizes and designs.

    • Agriculture and irrigation
    • Industrial water lines
    • Plant piping
    • Galvanized steel fences
    • Parking barriers
    • Road barricades
    • Discretionary fences
    • Roadside railings
    • Steel gates and windows
    • Structural and fabrication work
    • Water pipelines
    • Systematic sewerage
    • Energy pipelines
    • Crude oil piping
    • Piping in oil refineries

    How are we different from others? 

    Matco Industry is undoubtedly one of the most solid producers of SHS in Saudi Arabia.

    Our products are used in different industries and have wide plans in diverse management companies. They are made as per the needs of our client. However, when it comes to offering our assurance, we go the extra mile to satisfy them with our service.

    We have a fully-equipped fabricating office. It is filled with all the assets. We offer assistance and guarantee on each product and their quality and performance.

    With the backing of an exceedingly devoted group, we have effectively crossed thousands of miles in a short time.

    Our items have all the highlights that meet your particular prerequisites and grant you respect for your cash. Our need is to build up a solid and sound relationship with our clients, and we won’t push our limits for the same. We also provide the best MS pipe tubes in Saudi Arabia and SHS in Saudi Arabia.

    We are the most renowned square rectangular hollow section in Saudi Arabia and SHS in Saudi Arabia. Our team provides mild steel pipe to the exporters, providing after-sale support.

    If you want robust and quality products, you can call us, as we have cost-effective and long-lasting items.

    Matco Industry is aware that client demands may be satisfied through development and quality. We are well known as suppliers of pipes and tubes in Dubai for this reason.

    You can avail of the SHS in Saudi Arabia with a call only. So why wait? Contact us now and let us help you with the installation process.