PEB Structure

Matco Industry is a forerunner, industry leader, and maker of pre-engineered steel buildings in different-different countries. Through constant innovation and expertise, Matco Industry has perfected the PEB idea and is aware of clients' demands. We have completed projects for our clients around the state to the highest satisfaction. An effective engineering team, a cutting-edge production facility, and a highly skilled execution team are all present and correct at Matco Industry. We are unmatched in the sector due to our ability to manage projects of any scale.

We are a reputable manufacturer of infrastructure in our division, and our facility in every nation, is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and technology to help us produce pre-engineered building (PEB) structures. The assortment that is being provided is created to satisfy the exacting demands of customers. We are renowned for providing the best items to our valued customers within the allotted time limit. Pre-engineered building structures are a service that we offer to our valued customers at affordable prices.

We are a top supplier of a premium quality selection of prefabricated buildings, industrial sheds, factory sheds, prefabricated structural sheds, and prefabricated factory sheds. Corrugated Sheets, Metal Roofing Sheets, Polypropylene Sheets, prefabricated Structure Sheds, and Prefabricated Factory Sheds are examples of prefabricated materials.

Our product line is well known for its maximum strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion. The clientele adores the captivating characteristics that are included in our selection. We have previous expertise in creating goods that are customized based on the client's specified parameters.

PEB Structure Manufacturing Facility

Matco Industry is an easily accessible industrial region in Umm Al Quwain, Dubai, UAE, and currently includes a 55,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with an extension capability of up to 3,00,000 square feet.

Our production plant uses the best raw materials to create the Highest Quality Roof and Laminate Profiles, Purlins, and Components in accordance with project-specific specifications.

The project is executed on-site to the highest standard by our skilled and effective erection team. We are a dominant force in the market because of our ability to produce over 125,000 MT of roof sheets, 6,000 MT of C-Z purlins, and 9,000 MT of main members.


Shaping Structures

Pre-Engineering the advantages of building structures over conventional construction are numerous. "Advantage PEB" is the outcome of cost reductions that start on the design board and continue on the construction site.

Matco Industry Pre-Engineering Building Solutions guarantee a special combination of benefits:

- Projects are finished promptly

- Affordable solution

- Quality control at the factory

- A solution without upkeep

- A 90 M free space maximum

- Expansion flexibility

- Energy-saving wall and roof systems

- Resistance to earthquakes

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